Planning a Destination Wedding (My Experience So Far)

It was a pretty quick decision when the time came to discuss what our dream wedding would look like. Right away, we both knew we wanted to be on a beach, somewhere tropical and warm and have an adventure all in one. A destination wedding ticked all of our boxes and it just made the most sense for us.

Figuring out the time frame…

Corey had proposed back in December 2015. Only a few weeks later, we finalized our decision and started seeking out travel agents to let us know our options. We knew we were going to aim for spring 2017, since we figured that would give us enough time to save up for the trip and let our guests have plenty of notice to make arrangements and save their money as well.

We wanted Jamaica…

Our first pick was Jamaica. We both had personal ties to it, and had been there before together and knew we loved it.It was a dream destination since I was kid (cue the catchy commercial – “come to Jamaica and feel alright“) and Corey’s parents had traveled there together and the pictures from that trip was always a great memory for him as a kid. It had a special place in his heart since his Dad’s passing.

Right away, our travel agent agreed that Jamaica would be our best choice as far as the “easiest” place to have a legal ceremony. No translation of documents, blood tests, or high fees for documents was required. We were stoked that this was going to be easier than we thought! We said absolutely, go ahead and start asking for prices. Our travel agent sent out the requests, which was so great since it was way over a year in advance and we weren’t sure if it was something that she was able to do so soon.

It came with a hefty price…

I received an email a week or so later, with the list of resorts and their prices. Most of them being about $2000 per person based on double occupancy. My heart sunk! It may not seem like a lot to some, and may seem outrageous to others. We were more the latter. We could not come to terms with asking our family and friends to spend that much money for our wedding, even if they were getting a week’s vacation on top of it. They might have paid it, but we didn’t let it get to that point.

Back to the drawing board…ย 

We decided our next best option would be Mexico since it was brought up a few times and it seemed like it would be the most affordable and luxurious compared to our other options. I suppose best bang for our buck.

We were given a great option for prices and it seemed to fit our checklist still. We had decided on the Grand Bahia Principe Coba, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. A Mexican wedding – who would have thought! We were stoked to have made our decision and it was time to send out the invitations.

Planning the guest list…

This was SO hard. I had to let go of the idea of everyone I always imagined at my wedding being there. It was quite the adjustment and I had doubts that we had made the right decision. Two of my very close friends aren’t able to make it and I have to live with that and be okay with it. It’s not easy!

I have come to terms with it and happy to have those who can come and decided I would focus on those people. Of course, my main focus is that I am committing to my amazing fiance, in a dream location in front of people that we love. I get all giddy just thinking about it.

The waiting game…

Once the invitations were out and deposits were made. We literally thought to ourselves… now what? All that rush and worry of getting people to commit to coming and now we wait till the resort is able to be in contact with us. The invitations were out by April, and we were told that the resort will be in contact with us come September.

Oh you can believe I have a mile long list of questions just waiting for their time. Now that it is actually September, I am able to speak to them. One long wait period in between emails at a time.

It’s such a tease…

Seriously though. It’s hard to get a little bit of something from them, and then wait a week for the next one. I am normally a patient person, but having to wait months before I was able to speak to them killed that a bit. But! I am happy the time has come and it’s closer to the wedding date and I am able to start actually doing things for it on the sidelines. I am just warning you though, if you are impatient or need to be in control of things – destination may not be for you!!

That brings us to now…

The dress is bought, the… wait. I think that’s all I have really done. Eek! Well, that may be the most important. Corey and I have a legal ceremony planned in Ontario here soon and we are inviting those who can’t make it to Mexico to join us. So, I am feeling quite lucky that I am able to have my cake and eat it too. I am hoping to have this filmed in order to share with friends, family, and my WordPress fam! Exciting times, you guys. I love talking about it and celebrating such a special time in our lives.

Any questions you may want to know about destination wedding planning, or any tips to offer – let me know! I’m learning as I go here ๐Ÿ™‚



Hil xo



6 thoughts on “Planning a Destination Wedding (My Experience So Far)

  1. Oh I so feel you on this Hil! My fiancรฉ and I went back and forth between a destination wedding to Maui or keeping it at home. Ultimately we decided to just bring Hawaii to California, but I will definitely be envious of looking at your dreamy beach wedding pics. Whether you are planning in your back yard or on an island, the stress is R E A L. xx kels

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