Our Engagement Photo Shoot


I am so excited to finally show you our engagement photos and talk a little bit about why we chose to have them done and how we did it.

First off, it was such a cold, windy day and we had all odds against us. We managed to get past that and pull off a great shoot though, as it wasn’t on our minds anymore once we got into it. My best friend had access to a really great camera and offered to take the pictures for us, and I edited them myself with a program I already had installed on my laptop – so it was even better since it was free!

It was important to me have them done since this is such an exciting time in our lives. I wanted all the chaos and glamour of the wedding stripped away, to show off what we really are as a couple. This is our favourite trail, where he actually proposed on and so it just seemed like this was a no brainer.Β We were just in our regular clothes, in our favourite spot, feeling completely natural.

_DSF7280 (2)_DSF7283 (2)_DSF7286 (2)_DSF7319 (2)_DSF7335 (2)_DSF7353 (2)_DSF7376 (2)_DSF7379 (2)_DSF7384 (2)_DSF7389 (2)_DSF7399 (2)_DSF7412 (2)_DSF7414 (2)_DSF7422 (2)_DSF7453 (2)_DSF7463 (2)_DSF7474 (2)_DSF7476 (2)_DSF7479 (2)_DSF7488 (2)_DSF7490 (2)_DSF7515 (2)bwIMG_0569 (2)IMG_0429 (2)IMG_0460 (2)IMG_0497 (2)IMG_0547 (2)

It was such a great day, and I have my best friend, Kate, to thank for helping us out and being a trooper in the crazy weather. It was SO fun to cuddle up to Corey for the day and show off our nine year relationship in the best way we could.


Hil xo




17 thoughts on “Our Engagement Photo Shoot

    1. Yes you do! Haha Mexican beer for our Mexican wedding coming up – seemed fitting and plus we love it! And thank you so much! Yes, our little muffin had to be included! She did so well πŸ™‚

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      1. Awesome! I’m sure we’ll learn that when we go next year but I thought I would ask anyway 😊 We love trying different beer/wine so it’s always interesting to hear what is popular from different places. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

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