How To Be A Good Friend

Friendships – one of the best presents you can give yourself. Seriously. I rely so much on my friends for my every day sanity, fun, just… everything.

I tend to invest my time in a select few who have stuck by my side throughout the years and vice versa. When I was younger, I was concerned about having a large selection of friends. I wanted to make sure everyone I knew “liked” me or have some sort of connection with me.

As I grow older, I realize how important it is to have true, loyal and uplifting friendships in my life instead. I choose to invest my time and energy in the ones who are this for me and I am quite happy to have a few good ones rather than a large selection of acquaintances.

So what makes a good friend? Here is what I have learned:

Show That You Care

This may seem like an obvious one but it has to be said. The little things matter the most in friendships and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate and know how lucky I am when I have a friend who actually shows interest in my life.

I have learned that even when you don’t think that someone actually needs you to let them know that they are there – you should just do it anyway. Ask them how they are doing and make an effort. It goes such a long way with just a small gesture.

When a friend is going through a tough time, or an exciting time in their life, let them know you are thinking of them. A text or phone call will be all they need. I am always appreciative of the thoughtful gestures at the time and feel confident that I have someone in my life that actually thinks of me and cares about things that I care about.

Ask Them To Make Plans With You

Another obvious one, but it is just so easy to get caught up in communicating through text and social media that you forget to see the person in real life. There is nothing like face to face time and making an effort to see each other.

I have a long distance friend that I sometimes forget to make plans with because we talk every day through text. She has been so amazing at reminding me like, “Hey, I’m free this weekend, what are your plans?” I don’t forget on purpose but I do appreciate that she makes the effort to check her schedule and set a date instead of just talking about it.

Compliment and Motivate Them

When you hear your friend put herself down, or talk about something you know they want to do but don’t have the confidence to go for it – that’s where you should step in.

I feel it is so important to motivate the people in your life to chase their dreams and support them with big changes or if they are feeling down on themselves. I know that I have a select few that I can get this from and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have that kind of support.

Be Honest With Them

Say your friend is in a bad relationship or is making the wrong decision and you feel strongly about it. I think that if you are not going to be honest with them, then who is?

It sucks and it’s uncomfortable but it is necessary. Sometimes you just need a reality check and it helps to come from people who know and love you.

Be Supportive

This just ties every tip into one. A true friend is someone you can trust and know that you can say and be your entire self with, knowing they would not judge you. Someone who will support you and your desicions in life while you chase your dreams.

Offering that kind of support to someone can make such a difference and meaning in their life. I know how much I appreciate that coming from my close friends and hope that I am that for them as well.


That’s it! Be kind and invest your time in the ones who deserve it! 🙂


Hil xo


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