Quarter Life Crisis? | It’s Very Much A Thing

When I first started this blog I created a long list of topics I wanted to cover. Anything from learning to come to terms with depression to sharing materialistic things that I love that month – lifestyle blog that covered all aspects of my life.

One topic always stood out to me when I skimmed through my list was Quarter Life Crisis. Yes, it’s a thing and it’s very real. I never felt ready to talk about it because I didn’t feel like I had fully experienced it quite yet but somehow, I knew it would find me and oh yes, it has and it’s haunting me in full blown capacity.

With so many emotions floating around, I’m having a hard time understanding if I’m coming or going, if I’m up or down or if I’m just fine where I’m at. If it was the latter, I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’m back and forth on so many things, which turns into a thought process of thinking that my entire life is out of control.

Is this how it will always be? Am I always going to feel unsatisfied?

Sometimes I wake up and realize I do not want to participate in the life that I’m currently leading. Sometimes it feels like I don’t feel anything at all.

I want to blame the pressure of the media who keep telling me to do, live and be all the things which turns out thatΒ I’m no where near understanding what any of that actually means. I’m a true advocate for avoiding the negativity so I filled my news feed with positive, influential people who were going to encourage me to live my best life. Lately, I can’t help but feel the urge to punch them all and tell them that they don’t have a clue.

*takes a deep breath*

It’s a beautiful idea but when you don’t know exactly what you want out of life, it gets exhausting to constantly hear those people telling you to just do it.

I envy those lucky ones who had opportunities fall into their lap or who know what their purpose is and work hard to maintain it. I’m not one of those people and I’ll have to put in some blood, sweat and tears into finding it which I understand is all apart of the journey. For now, I’m leading my life blindly and feeling like I’m not doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Β Again, whatever that means.

I apologize if you visit my blog for positivity and encouragement and did not receive that here. This blog is my outlet for not just the good times but also the bad. I’m needing this time to take a breath, re-evaluate and let my positivity resurface again.

Some changes need to happen, and some peace needs to be found. As my head spins, stomach flips and my heart beats faster than normal – I’ve chalked this up to what I imagined a quarter life crisis would feel like.


Hil xo


21 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis? | It’s Very Much A Thing

  1. 😦 Awe! this is so good! Positivity is nice but sometimes it is beneficial to see that you are a real person, just like everyone else. I was staying away from social media today because I am blue. Feeling frustrated, sad, lonely and due to that I played the avoidance game as to not infect others. But you show, it’s okay to not always be spraying sunshine all over the world and you displayed it well!

    As for this quarter life thing…. how do you know you’re going to make it to 100???? LOL. I’m 45, fyi… it never gets easier, the pressure and voices are always there for me still, sadly, you will have to get used to it or find a favourite cocktail perhaps? YOLO- Follow your heart! πŸ™‚ xo

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    1. Thanks Christina! I’m really loving the positive feedback I’m receiving. It’s quite liberating to just speak without feeling like I have to hide anything. It is definitely okay to not always spread sunshine.. We’re human! And I don’t know if I will make it to 100! lol it’s not literal in any way. Thanks for the lovely comment and encouragement 😊

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  2. Hil , you will be ok πŸ™‚
    No one is always up and it actually is very helpful to those who are not feeling their best at the moment to realize it is not only them. You do write so well and you come across as such a very level-headed girl , that it is a pleasure to read you every time , regardless of the mood you are in.
    As for this “second quarter” girl I still can’t figure out what am I supposed to be doing πŸ˜‰
    Turtle Hugs and take care

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    1. Yes, I will be okay 😊 it’s so true that people will find comfort in a topic like this rather than an uplifting one sometimes. Thank you so much for the sweet comment!

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  3. I love posts like these. Different than most. Not everyone is willing to put themselves out there this way, and I appreciate those, like you, who do. πŸ™‚
    And no joke, (I’m not 25 yet) but I’ve been feeling the same lately. I haven’t finished my education not am I sure about my future career. It seems like psychology would be my calling but at times I doubt it. Idk. I guess we will see, but I do feel like I’m not leading a very fulfilling life sometimes. I love my son, though. ❀️

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  4. Sometimes I wonder if you and I are the same person, lol. But really, I love these posts just as much or more than the positive ones. I totally relate to sometimes wanting to slap the positive people who seem to have everything together, but I remind myself that they are struggling just as much as me but not showing it. And I think there may be such a thing as too inspired. While trying to surround myself with positive, encouraging messages and people, I sometimes get overwhelmed and then I tell myself that there is no way I’ll ever get to that point, which is not a good thing to be telling myself. I think there has to be a balance there, too, I just haven’t figured out how yet.

    Oh. My. Gosh. What you said about knowing what you are “supposed to do” = me. How am I supposed to follow my heart/dreams etc. when I don’t know what they are? I don’t know what I want, and I don’t know how to figure it out either. :S

    Thanks for being brave enough to share this, Hil! It reassures people like me that we aren’t alone, or crazy; we are all having to figure this out as we go. ❀

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    1. It’s so true. It’s great to be inspired and positive but I agree, there has to be a balance. It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows! Glad we can find comfort in feeling we’re not alone in this situation. Thanks for the kind words, as always 😊


  5. You are definitely not alone in this. It might sound cliche, but knowing that is a huge comfort to me. I’m glad you posted this instead of a positive post, especially if your heart isn’t totally in it. In a world of Instagram perfect lives, we need more honesty.

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  6. Hey Hil,

    Words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ We really enjoyed your post. What an interesting topic. The Quarter Life Crisis. It’s definitely a thing. I think students are especially the vulnerable ones, often juggling more than they can hold in one hand and trying to precariously balance grades on the other. What you say about “Some changes need to happen, and some peace needs to be found,” resonates with us. Peace always seems so distant when you’re battling with ten thousand things, one of them being mental health. But, speaking through these issues and giving a voice to your thoughts is so powerful. We try to do the same with our social media campaign UNSW lonely kids. We deliver positive messages about mental health, to raise awareness and make people realise that not everyone is perfect. We are all human beings, trying to survive on this planet and if we recognise that our community need to be supportive and aware of these things – then we’ll be living in a very different place. One that accepts flaws without judgement. And one that points people suffering with mental illness to places they can receive help.

    Many thanks!
    UNSW lonely kids πŸ™‚
    We have FB, Twitter and WordPress,
    Please feel free to check us out

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. It sounds pretty great what you aim to do and I think there needs to be more of you in the world. This is a perfect spot to bring awareness to your campaign and I look forward to reading more about what you do!


  7. It may seem that people who had opportunities fall on their lap are perfectly happy, but I’m sure somehow they feel the same way you do. I know I’m also going through a quarter life crisis, but I’ve heard that feeling of being lost never goes away. What’s helped me is taking it one day at a time, and not fighting the unknown, but embracing it. Hope you feel better soon!!

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