What Blogging Has Taught Me

Three months and over 100 followers later, here is Sincerely Hil – what has developed into a space for positivity, life lessons, first times and memories, and most of all a space for connection. 

Blogging has taught me how to open up and let my mind breathe. I don’t feel scared to share or express anymore. What I can’t communicate verbally, comes out easily into this space. For once, I have a voice. I have a space of my opinions and thoughts that people can relate to and feel something with.  
Blogging has taught me to focus more on the little things in life. Something I strive to do everyday as it is, but even in the smallest thing, I can find peace with it because I’m reminded to be more aware of moments. 

Blogging has taught me that I never know what may come out on this blank page until I just start writing, and the thought of memory that comes out surprises me more often then not. 

I have written beyond what I expected I had in me and I am so grateful for this realization. 

Blogging has brought nothing but positive reinforcement that I craved for so long. 

With the amazing support of WordPress readers and bloggers, I am proud to say I have this blog as a part of my every day; this gem in my life that I haven’t regretted one bit. 

Keep on writing! 


Hil xo


10 thoughts on “What Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. Blogging has taught me that words matter and connections are a must. A good blog/blogger will write for themselves while writing for their audience. Saying what you want to say is important too. Its a very social medium that is about sharing a message that people will react to and relate to. That’s my two cents worth. Keep on blogging my friend.

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  2. It really is astounding how much we connect through blogging! My experience (now at a bit over 4 years of daily posting) is like yours in that way, belying the popularly espoused notion that technology, and specifically, the internet only creates distance from and between people. I’ve found it to be quite the opposite, and the connexions though this medium to be extremely positive ones. May we continue to find it so! Welcome to the fold!

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    1. it’s so great! Even if “nothing” ever comes of it, it’s just nice to connect and have a platform for your voice. Good luck – off to check yours out now 😊

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